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Public speaking coach specializing in helping people with public speaking anxiety. “All great speakers were bad speakers at first.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson.

And what you can learn from my experience

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And it's costing you and them dearly.

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Hi, I am terrified about public speaking and the panic attacks that come with it! I go to great lengths to avoid these situations, and it’s having an impact on my life. Is this the sort of course that can help me? Thanks.

Self-talk that actually helps

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And why being an extrovert is not always an advantage!

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And four principles that will help you do so

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If only I had realised earlier that public speaking was a skillset, not a natural talent…

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And you probably haven’t read these tips elsewhere!

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Tip One — Try Elongating Your Vowels to Slow Down

How to find the preparation sweet spot

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And showed remarkable insight

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It can be, revealing, reassuring, and motivating

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